About the Finance Agency

The Finance Agency manages the County’s payments and collections, financial resources, accounting systems, and public and vital records.

The Agency houses three departments: Controller-Treasurer, Tax and Collections, and Clerk-Recorder.

Controller-Treasurer Department

The Controller-Treasurer Department administers the finance and accounting systems of the county, serving over 40 county departments, 10 special districts, and 37 school districts. The department overseas the County’s payroll, cost management, claims, and property tax distribution and houses Internal Audit and the Treasury.

Department of Tax and Collections

The Department of Tax and Collections (DTAC) is the collection agent for the County, Superior Court of California, cities, schools, and special districts. The Department processes over 1.1 million payments totaling $6.5 billion annually. DTAC bills and collects on various fines, fees, penalties, and debts. DTAC manages the collection of secured property taxes, such as homes, buildings, or land, unsecured property taxes, such as business assets, boats, or airplanes, and voter-approved indebtedness or special assessments. DTAC is also responsible for the collection of hospital bills, restitution to victims of crime, and overpayments made to Public Assistance clients.

Office of the Clerk-Recorder

The Clerk-Recorder’s Office is the repository for birth, death, marriage, business, and real property documents for Santa Clara County. The office houses over 30 million records dating back to 1846. The office issues marriage licenses, performs marriage ceremonies, registers confidential marriages, files Fictitious Business Name statements, files Notary Bonds, and serves approximately 500 to 600 walk-in customers daily.

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